A new coat for Samantha

This summer I found the most wonder children’s book at the library book sale.  A New Coat for Anna by Harreit Zidfert has wonderful illustrations by Anita Lobel. The story is set right after World War II in Europe and Anna’s mother knows Anna needs a new coat but she has no money to pay for one.  Anna and her mother go about bartering with everyone in order to get Anna a new coat. They visit the sheep farmer; the spinner, the weaver and the tailor trading what they have for materials and services. The story takes you through all the steps needed to make a coat, something most children today would not understand.

Then in the fall I found myself at Eddies Quilting Bee in Sunnyvale. At some point in the distant past Eddie bought the inventory of a San Francisco yardage store that went out of business. He was having a big sale on these wonderful wools from a different era. I found a green cashmere that I could not pass up. Cashmere comes from a small goat raised in China, Nepal and New Zealand. Cashmere is described as warm and buttery in hand. It is so soft you can’t put it down. This yardage would be perfect for a new coat for Samantha and I only needed 1/2 a yard.

I remembered a pattern that came out last year by Eve Coleman that I really loved. She makes the most amazing doll clothes and has offered a few patterns under the name Keepers Dolly Duds Design. I downloaded the coat pattern and got started. With all the other projects I have started I do not know why I felt the need to start another but I did and finished it within a month. Wow! Of course I had the holiday deadline ahead of me… Although I feel overwhelmed with the idea of making a full size coat I do not think it would have taken any more time, just more fabric.


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